Does the PA Treasury owe you money?

Pennsylvania residents. Did you know there is over $2.3 billion of Pa residents money in the Pennsylvania Treasury unclaimed property program coffers that is just waiting for it's rightful owners to claim it.  About 1 in 10 Pa residents may have a rightful claim to this property. See if your name is on the list.

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Where does these Pa Treasury funds come from?

‚ÄčIn Pennsylvania, when checks go uncashed, stocks are left behind, bank accounts, safety deposit boxes and property is abandoned, the Pa Treasury holds these funds and property in the unclaimed property program until a claim is made by the rightful owner or heir.  About 1 in 10 Pa residents may have a claim to property. Total value of funds that have been returned to Pennsylvania residents thru June 2015 is over $1.1 billion and they have collected more than $2.6 billion in property.  

Pa Treasury unclaimed property program

  For more information call 800-222-2046