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Bank of America Mortgage Rates

Bank of America is a financial services and mortgage company which operates in all 50 states, and today is one of the leading financial companies in both the U.S and in 40 countries abroad. Bank of America is also one of the early adopters of online banking into their vast channel. They also have more than 5900 banking centers which can originate a Bank of America mortgage and are able to help their customers through a local customer center as well as online. Bank of America Mortgage Rates are generally very competitive and they service many of the mortgages that they originate.

Bank of America Refinances Rates

As well as originating mortgage loans through their retail stores and on the website; Bank of America also has a wholesale channel through many of their trusted partners from state licensed brokerages throughout the United States. Bank of America wholesale allows their broker partners to quote mortgage rates and loan terms from their wholesale rate sheets to prospective borrowers often at lesser rates than their retail channels. The reason these lower rates are possible is because this “extra business” that Bank of America brings in from it Bank of America approved mortgage broker is in addition to their retail branches. A state licensed mortgage brokerage running their own business does not have the expense of a Bank of America branch to run and can operate on much less revenue. It is often cheaper to refinance through a Bank of America wholesale mortgage company such as than through Bank of America retail directly, even though essentially you are getting basically the same mortgage, just cheaper.

Bank of America Home Loans

Whether you chose to originate your mortgage loan through Bank of America directly or through the Bank of America affiliate wholesale broker channel, you will find a full array of mortgage loan products such as flexible terms from 10 to 30 years, online mortgage payment options, bi weekly mortgage options, no closing costs loan options, fixed or adjustable rate loans, high loan to value loans, FHA loans insured by the federal government and many more. To apply for a wholesale mortgage loan today, click on the link below.

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