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When it comes to investing in multifamily housing properties, often times the difference between what makes a good investment versus a great investment is financing. Net Equity Financial Mortgage understands this and that's why we‘ve developed a comprehensive mix of highly customized multifamily and apartment building loan programs to help maximize your return based on the individual needs and requirements of you and your property. ManyPrograms available to refinance your current apartment loan or for acquisition.Multiple loan programs ensure you get the financing that’s best for you and your property.


Freddie Mac Multifamily
Small Balance Loan Program

Freddie Mac multifamily financing (loans above $5 million)

Fannie Mae’s Small Apartment Loan program

Freddie Mac Hybrid Small Balance Apartment Loan program ($1MM-$5MM).

Freddie Mac Small Balance Apartment Loan Program Features

· Non-recourse

· No yield maintenance - step down prepay

· Converts to ARM at end of fixed term

· Highly competitive interest rates

· Up to 80% LTV

· 30 year amortization

· Full term interest only available

· No replacement reserves

· No underwriting floor rate maximizes proceeds

· Tax returns not required

· Assumable

· Cash out refinances

HUD FHA Multifamily and Apartment Building Loans

HUD FHA apartment loans are a great financing option for borrowers looking for maximum leverage and longer fixed rates and terms.

· Up to 35 and 40 year fixed rate terms

· Leverage up to 83% (90% for construction)

· Non-recourse / assumable

· No population or geographic restrictions

· Market rate or affordable

· Construction or permanent financing

Stated Income Loans

The stated income apartment loan program does not require personal or business tax returns. Personal financial statements and three years of property operating statements are required to verify ability to service the debt.

· Tax returns not required

· No personal or global debt DSCR

· Property operating statements required

· Credit and financial capacity requirements


Apartment loan refinance and purchase availability -- including LTV, DSCR, and loan size -- may vary depending on property location, economic conditions, exposure, and other variables that may negatively influence risk. Loan programs and program guidelines (including, without limit, fees, rates and features) are subject to change. Information provided is not an offer to make a loan and should be used for informational purposes only.

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