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Middletown couple helps former homeowners get back in the housing game

February 17th, 2014 11:32 AM by Michael and Jill Kohler


After the downturn in the housing market several years ago, a lot of homeowners struggled to make their mortgage payments. Many eventually lost their home to foreclosure, walked away or were forced short sell their house for a loss.  None of these occurrences left their finances or credit in a position to purchase another home so they became renters.  Fast forward 4 or 5 years later to today. The economy is in a better place. The real estate market is in a rebound and many of those people have become gainfully employed again. Despite those past setbacks, the majority of them are hoping to again one day buy another home of their own. Is this just wishful thinking?  Perhaps not….

Mike and Jill Kohler, owners of Net Equity Financial, a mortgage and real estate services company in Middletown think it’s not only possible, but likely for many.  “There is a good segment of the population that are a lot closer than they think to owning a home again.  The first step is overcoming the financing challenge” says Mike Kohler. “If you have been renting and are able to document your rent terms with your landlord for the last 12 months, that will go a long way toward your goal. There is always a supply of nice homes on the market, but the overall goal is to help you find a home that you like, can comfortably afford, and get the financing you need to own instead of rent.”  One of the biggest benefits that Net Equity offers their clients is the ability to shop mortgage loans at a lot of wholesale lenders with only one application. “We deal with 40 to 50 different banks, FHA, Freddie Mac, credit unions, and wholesale lenders at any given time. Although a lot of lending today is computerized and straightforward, the value is in knowing where to go with what type of loan. I may be working with a marginally qualified client that I know can afford the house who will get turned down by 35 of those lenders, but it’s having the right funding source to match the type of borrower that matters.” says Jill,  And when that happens, It results in a great deal of happiness for our clients as they become homeowners again.

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Many first time home buyers also fall into a similar challenging category that Net Equity Financial also service. It’s the classic which came first, the chicken or the egg.  “Ok, I’ve graduated from college, finally found a decent job with some long term prospects at a company I’ve been at a little while. and I’ve been able to bank a few bucks.  I know I want to buy a house rather than keep paying rent but am I really going to qualify for a mortgage??  Net Equity’s answer. “You just might. But more importantly, the goal is to make sure you can truly afford the home so you don’t become part of a future statistic.”  The Kohlers mention they’ve had clients who from their initial contact have been approved, found a house they love and settled within 30-40 days. 


Net Equity Financial is a mortgage company located 2267 Langhorne-Yardley Rd in Middletown, Pa.  They are also affiliated with Century 21 Chapman Agency Real Estate also of Middletown. Their websites are and Office number is 215-741-3131.  They are licensed by the Pa Dept of Banking NMLS #144477 and licensed Realtors by the Pa Real Estate Commission.

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Posted by Michael and Jill Kohler on February 17th, 2014 11:32 AM


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